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FORMACLIC is the exclusive distributor of ROSETTA STONE® solutions, in Mauritius and in the  region including: Reunion Island, Seychelles, Comores Islands , Madagascar and Africa also on request.

FORMACLIC in collaboration with ROSETTA STONE® are representing the following ranges of ROSETTA STONE® solutions: Corporate for businesses & individuals, Education for schools and colleges, Higher Education for universities and Kids for primary schools and individual students. Prestigious international references are presented for Corporate, Education and Higher Education.


The selection of languages offered include: French, UK & USA English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin & Japanese, and the vast range of content and exercises available make this software one of the best on an international level.

ROSETTA STONE®, the first multimedia publisher in the world to apply speech-recognition technology to foreign-language learning, has over the years established itself as the world leader in its field, in particular with the ROSETTA STONE® series. Our Partner details.




The most flexible e-learning solutions at for your foreign language training.

In order to offer an accessible, user-friendly teaching method that can be easily integrated into your training program, Formaclic in collaboration with ROSETTA STONE® has created custom solutions using both the language contents of ROSETTA STONE® and the teaching tools specifically designed to assure management and follow-up of students. 

These solutions give you all of the components necessary to establish a personalized learning strategy, tailored to meet individual needs as well as provide constant student support.


Our certified team has all the expertise necessary to adapt these solutions to your market with the following  training and services;

  • Defining the appropriate solution according to the needs of the client
  • Installation services and Technical training for your IT team
  • Pedagogical training for HR and Training teams.
  • Induction training per group  of  students
  • Face to face/tutored training offer
  • Project management and support services


ROSETTA STONE® ADVANTAGE  Complete lessons and contents:

The activities are structured by topic:

The Culture workshop to improve your knowledge of the countries where the language is spoken

The Grammar workshop and the Vocabulary workshop who connect the exercises with the conjugation and grammatical rules or the lists of words of vocabulary classified by topic and level

The Written workshop with exercises of written expression

The Oral workshop who combines tasks on comprehension and on the oral expression with many interactive dialogues and videos.


4 levels per language: Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced  and Expert (General and Business languages)
Preparation for TOEIC/TOEFL® tests (placement and achievement tests) and standard international equivalences

New Version ROSETTA STONE® CATALYST: One Platform - 3 Solutions

Rosetta Stone Catalyst


Drive Better Business Performance Through Language.

Unified solution identifies your workforce’s diverse language-learning needs and offers targeted solutions for every employee.

Assessment – Ensures training is productive from the start

Learner Placement – Tailors language-learning experience for every kind of learner

Live Tutoring – Sharpens speaking confidence critical for success

Mobile Apps – Allows employees uninterrupted access to high-quality content

Speech Recognition – Encourages employees to start speaking immediately

Reporting – Ensures language training stays aligned with business goals